Rainforest Birding
Marvel at the many species of birds species which roam the Rupununi wetlands from Karanambu and the amazing Kaieteur waterfalls. Big birds, giant otters and the rare Guianan Cock-of-the Rock are only some of the goodies in store.
Day 1: Arrival In Guyana
Arrive at CJIA meet and transfer to hotel. Depending on time of arrival, drive to Mahaica River in the afternoon to spot the Hoatzin, Zone-tailed Hawk, Greater Ani, Snail Kite, Red-capped Cardinal and possibly the Scarlet Ibis and many more. Return to Georgetown.

Day 2 & 3: Karanambu Ranch and Giant otters
This morning you will transfer to the airport for a flight over the rainforest and savannah to Karanambu Ranch in Rupununi where you will spend 2 nights. Your host, Diane McTurk, is famous for her work with rehabilitating orphaned giant otters for reintroduction into the wild. Overnight at Karanmbu Ranch. Enjoy two guided excursions each day— one early in the morning and another late in the afternoon and into the evening. As well as being the coolest times to be out, these are usually the best times to see the different birds and animals. Trips may be on the river by boat, on the savannahs by Land Rover or along forest trails on foot to the different ponds in the area. Activities usually include:
  • Searching for wild otters along the river and among the ponds.
  • Tracking a giant anteater across the savannahs.
  • Sipping rum punch while watching the giant Victoria Amazonica lily blossom before your eyes.
  • Boating through the flooded forest in the wet season.
  • Enjoying the flora and fauna along the walking trails among the forest ponds.
  • Spotting all sorts of amazing animals when they come out of hiding at night.
Birdlife is rich and varied; both on the savannah and along the rivers and ponds. Possible exciting bird encounters include Black-chinned Antbird, Striped Woodcreeper, Blue-backed Manakin, Pale-bellied Tyrant-Manakin, Slate-headed Tody Flycatcher and Bicoloured Wren. Waterbirds include Rufescent Tiger Heron, Ringed and Amazon Kingfishers, Purple Gallinule, the superb Agami Heron and the Wattled Jacanas walking on water lilies. We will travel along the Rupununi River, scanning the banks for Crested Curassow, Sunbittern, Boat-billed Heron and Pale-legged Hornero, Jabiru stork, Great Egret, Agami Heron and Great Blue Heron, as well as different species of Kingfishers, Green Ibis, Snowy Egrets, Boatbill heron, Purple Gallinule and Wattled Jacana.  (Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Day 3: Fly to Georgetown
Transfer to airstrip and return to Georgetown and to your hotel for overnight. (Meals: breakfast, lunch)

Day 4: Fly to Kaieteur Falls and Georgetown City Tour
Experience the splendour of yhr 741 feet (225 metert) single drop of majestic Kaieteur Falls, the highest sheer drop waterfall in the world. Picnic lunch at the falls. View the falls from various viewing points and spot White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts and the rare Cock-of-the-rock. Return to Georgetown for a guided tour of the city.  (Meals: breakfast, lunch)

Day 5: Departure
Transfer to airport for your departing flight.