Jungle Safari
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The Guyana Amazon is one of the most biologically diverse areas in South America. The jungle is home to many species of birds and wild life. Explore the Guyana Amazon with Dagron Tours; their specialized jungle-guides will help you unlock the secrets of the rainforest.
Day 1: Reception
Meet tour staff members in the city of Georgetown. Travel by bus to the pristine rainforests of Guyana. Just at the edge of the rainforest. Hidden from the main road, lives the Amerindian Makushi tribe. Here they will share their culture, their home and show you the abundant wildlife which adorns the forest. Your expert guides will reveal the many secrets of life in the rainforest. Overnight. (Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 2: Rainforest
Canoe down the river and observe parrots, toucans, monkeys and many other animal and plant species. Dine amidst the splendor of the rainforest and take an after-dinner walk through the jungle to observe insects. Overnight in at the jungle camp! (Meals: breakfast, Lunch, dinner)

Day 3: Jungle Walk
Take a jungle walk accompanied by an Amerindian guide. Learn about the Amerindian culture, the various medicinal plants they use and how they do things like imitate the sounds of different birds. Eat lunch and then go fishing in the afternoon for your dinner, which will be cooked over an open fire! At night we'll take a tour to watch for different species of plants, birds and animals. Overnight in jungle camp! (Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 4: Jungle Walk
Start the day early and navigate the river to observe birds and mammals. Have breakfast and then go for a jungle walk to observe more animal and plant species. In the afternoon, navigate a nearby lake in paddle canoes. Overnight in the jungle camp! (Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 5: Rupununi River
Travel upstream to the Rupununi River. In the afternoon catch fish and roast over bush fire.

Day 6: Georgetown
Today we catch a bus to return to Georgetown. Eat lunch on the way. Overnight in Georgetown hotel.